Strategic Industry
Advisory Body (SIAB)

Strategic Industry 
Advisory Body

The Strategic Industry Advisory Body (SIAB), is a vital partner in shaping the future of the energy sector workforce. At Powering Skills Organisation, we recognise the paramount importance of staying ahead of the curve in workforce development and industry advancement–that's where SIAB comes in.

SIAB is more than just an advisory body; by nominating to become a SIAB member you will join a powerhouse of strategic insight and thought leadership. Comprised of industry leaders and experts, the SIAB serves as a compass, guiding us through the ever-evolving landscape of workforce skilling and employment priorities.

By leveraging the collective wisdom of the SIAB members, we enhance our capabilities through assessing industry needs and the levers required to solve national, state and territory energy strategies. Together, we strive to not only meet but exceed demands of a rapidly changing industry.



One of the SIAB’s key roles is to align broader industry needs with future strategic workforce planning. Through its governance, the SIAB ensure that the issues identified and addressed align seamlessly with the objective of PSO and our organisational endeavours.


At Powering Skills Organisation, we understand that success is not achieved in isolation. With the SIAB by our side, we are empowered to tackle challenges head-on, innovate boldly, and pave the way for a brighter future for the energy sector workforce. Join us as we embark on this journey of transformation and excellence.

We are pleased to announce the following people will form our Strategic Industry Advisory Body:

Fiona SimonCEOAustralian Hydrogen Council
Glenn EvansCEOAustralian Refrigeration Council Ltd
Sarah BruntonNational Technical OfficerElectrical Trades Union National
Dr Mark ApthorpeTBDElectricity Infrastructure Jobs Advocate
Donna PickfordCEOElectrogroup
Karla PaeglisHead of Workforce DevelopmentEnergy Efficiency Council
Mark BurgessCEOEnergy Skills Australia
Trevor GauldAssistant National SecretaryETU
Jonathan KneeboneDirector Policy and ResearchFirst Nations Clean Energy Network
Beth BrunoroTBDRace for 2030
Jenny DoddCEOTAFE Directors Australia
Jen PerkinsDirector Skills Excellence Network- Construction & EnergyTAFE NSW
Carl CopelandCEOThe Electrical and Communications Association of WA

Application form

We are not taking new applicants for the SIAB right not but will again in the future – keep an eye on this page.

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