Qualification Reform

Qualification reform will unlock the potential of VET to serve industry and learners, by meeting industry needs by strengthening the path from qualification design to delivery and producing graduates with industry-relevant and transferable skills for changing workplaces and industries.

Project Plan






The aim of Qualification Reform is to:

  • Improve the status and responsiveness of the VET system by retaining what is working while generating new models for use across sectors, with appropriate oversight to maintain trust.
  • Bring more students into the VET sector by delivering the knowledge, skills and core capabilities they need for life and work, and building confidence in the future that a VET qualification offers.
  • Enable quality delivery by reducing the overspecification that contributes to compliance overload in VET delivery and assessment, leading to better learning experiences and outcomes

JSCs will identify opportunities to apply the ‘three Purposes’ to solve skills and workforce challenges in their industries.

All JSCs will undertake a stocktake of a subset of training products in their industry by applying the proposed Qualification Development Quality Principles and mapping their existing qualifications against all three Purposes, with a view to simplifying and rationalising qualifications where possible

JSCs will apply the proposed Quality Principles for Qualification Design to redesign and development of training products

Some JSCs will develop an initial suite of qualification models across all three Purposes as demonstration projects, which reflect priorities identified in JSC workplans and particularly those which align with the National Skills Agreement

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List of Qualifications for Review


UEE10120 Certificate I in ElectroComms Skills
UEE20120 Certificate II in Split Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Systems
UEE20520 Certificate II in Computer Assembly and Repair
UEE20720 Certificate II in Data and Voice Communications
UEE20920 Certificate II in Electronic Assembly
UEE21020 Certificate II in Fire Alarms Servicing
UEE21220 Certificate II in Antennae Equipment
UEE21420 Certificate II in Remote Area Power Supply Maintenance
UEE21620 Certificate II in Security Assembly and Set-up
UEE21720 Certificate II in Technical Support
UEE21920 Certificate II in Electronics
UEE22020 Certificate II in Electrotechnology (Career Start)
UEE22120 Certificate II in Sustainable Energy (Career Start)
UEE30820 Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician
UEE32220 Certificate III in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
UEE33020 Certificate III in Electrical Fitting
UEE42220 Certificate IV in Instrumentation and Control
UEE51120 Diploma of Engineering Technology - Refrigeration and Air Conditioning 
UEE62022 Advanced Diploma of Engineering Technology - Renewable Energy


UET20321 Certificate II in ESI - Powerline Vegetation Control
UET20422 Certificate II in Transmission Line Construction
UET20621 Certificate II in ESI - Asset Inspection and Testing
UET30521 Certificate III in ESI - Transmission Overhead
UET30621 Certificate III in ESI - Distribution Overhead
UET30721 Certificate III in ESI - Rail Traction
UET30821 Certificate III in ESI - Distribution Underground
UET30921 Certificate III in ESI - Very Remote Community Utilities
UET40422 Certificate IV in ESI - Network Systems
UET40522 Certificate IV in ESI - Substations
UET60222 Advanced Diploma of ESI - Power Systems


UEP20122 Certificate II in ESI Generation - Operations Support
UEP20222 Certificate II in Remote Area Essential Service
UEP30322 Certificate III in ESI Generation
UEP40122 Certificate IV in ESI Generation
UEP40322 Certificate IV in ESI Generation Maintenance - Electrical Electronics
UEP40422 Certificate IV in ESI Generation Maintenance (Fabrication) UEP40522 Certificate IV in ESI Generation Maintenance (Mechanical) UEP40622 Certificate IV in Wind Power Generation
UEP50122 Diploma of ESI Generation


UEG20122 Certificate II in Gas Supply Industry Operations
UEG30122 Certificate III in Gas Supply Industry Operations
UEG40222 Certificate IV in Gas Supply Industry Operations
UEG50122 Diploma of Gas Supply Industry Operations



The intent of the review is to build a system, robust enough to build Australia’s skills of the future, specifically the outcomes are to ensure:

  • Workers will be more adaptable, with a stronger base of knowledge that will enable them to apply their skills to new and changing contexts. This will help to ‘future-proof’ industries as job requirements change, and as occupations and industries are reconfigured in a dynamic economy.
  • New qualification models will be customised to the needs of industries, depending on the workforce challenges and opportunities that they face. Existing models will be retained in industries that depend upon them, while new models will respond to industries that need a different approach.
  • The qualifications system will be streamlined, reducing over-specification in qualifications and units and enabling common elements to be consolidated. A smaller, more coherent pool of broader-based, transferable qualifications will increase the likelihood of qualifications being funded and delivered.
  • The new qualifications system will enable ‘bottom-up’ innovation, both by enabling new models (Purpose 2 and 3); and by reducing overspecification within qualifications so that learners can apply skills and knowledge in a wider range of contexts as technologies and industry demands change.
with the minor change process outlined in the Training Package Products Development and Endorsement Process Policy (TPPDEPP).


Public Notification intent to review

April 2024

Stocktake carried out

Report stocktake back to DEWR

June 2024

Liaise with stakeholders over if training packages are still being used without active enrolments

July 2024

Report back to DEWR

September 2024

Finalisation and Submission preparation

October 2024

Endorsement and publication on training.gov.au

November 2024

Project Team

Vicki Gotardo
Manager Strategy and Delivery

Peter Adams
Senior Manager Industry Engagement

Phillip Dodd
Senior Manager Technical Training

Ben King
Senior Manager Industry Intelligence and Research

Coming Soon.

Powering Skills Organisation provides an overview of the training products being developed as part of its activity projects called the PSO Annual Training Product Development Plan. The plan shows the progression and completion of all projects the organisation is looking into.

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