Q: Is your research into what skills are needed being done as a national block, or is it also regionally specific?

A: We will carry out research at a National, State and Territory and regional level to best understand the skills and workforce needs of the Energy Workforce. Workforce Planning will be used to identify regions of expected growth or contraction and will be the focus of our activities to address workforce skilling opportunities. We are also committed to regional outreach and industry engagement and will be announcing its engagement plan for 2024 in the coming months.

Q: What strategies are in place to enhance industry consultation? Gas industry is complex in that there are extremely different needs from asset owner to asset owner and there is widespread concern at the lack of consultation.

A: We are now calling for applications to join our Technical Advisory Groups (TAGs), which will be formed to carry out regular consultation on the four training packages we represent. These forums will provide the technical leadership on current and future training products and will be formed with industry and RTO participation. Independent chairs will be appointed through a nomination process, with PSO acting as the secretariat for these crucial groups. TAG’s will commence in October 2023, with an agenda focusing on existing training package issues, responding to the national qualification reform agenda and identify opportunities to develop new training products.

Q: The course titled UETDRRF004 Perform rescue from a live LV panel is transitioning over to a new qualification but there are no guidelines on the new package and new students are about to start training – what do I teach them to complete this course?

A: We have made an application with ASQA to extend the transition period to 13 October, 2024 which will allow RTOs to continue to allow new enrolments until that date. 

We are currently investigating why additional units are needed. This extension will give us the opportunity to engage with the wider industry as to the needs and requirements of their sectors.

Please look out for engagement opportunities regarding this extension and review of the unit over the next couple of months. We want to collaborate with you.