Creating an Energy Sector Gateway

A Certificate II (Career Start) is the industry recognised gateway to prepare individuals for further training in the electrotechnology industry. With decreasing conversions from a Certificate II to
energy careers, a refreshed Certificate II pathway focusing on broader experiences across industry will enable a contemporary approach to careers aimed at achieving Net Zero.

Project Plan






The electrotechnology industry has used the Certificate II and its predecessors as the preferred pre-apprenticeship pathway into the Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician. However, over the past three iterations of the Certificate II the core and electives in this qualification have been the subject of modification. These changes have complicated the pathways into the energy sector, making the Certificate II no longer fit for purpose. 

Powering Skills Organisation proposes to review and rationalise the suite of Certificate II Qualifications with the intent to create a fit for purpose Certificate II Qualification that supports the various industry sectors aligned with the energy sector, including renewable energy industries. This qualification would be focussed on the energy industry more broadly than the underutilised qualifications currently offered.


Persistent low participation rates of women and First Nations persons have been partially attributed to lack of promotion of careers in the energy sector. With the titles of Certificate II in Electrotechnology and Certificate II Sustainable Energy being designated “Career Start”, this presents an opportunity to reframe the qualification titles to encourage these two priority learner cohorts into an energy sector career by using language to attract a variety of cohorts. 

By linking STEM pathways that lead into the energy sector via the two career start qualifications, there is potential to open opportunities for career progression at the time of influence (Years 10-12) in Secondary School, while also providing a clearer link to the sector for career changers.  


The objective is to provide a fit for purpose career start qualification that allows for job mobility, an increase in women enrollments(and potential increase of women in the sector as a whole) and engagement with First Nations persons both in the qualification and in relation to renewable energy projects and connections to country. 

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Relevant Occupations

Technicians in traditional and evolving technological fields of electrical; electronics; communications including telecommunications and data communications network cabling; computer systems; information technology (IT); business equipment services; gaming machines; instrumentation and control; lifts; refrigeration and air conditioning; renewable and sustainable energy; fire and security; appliances and accessories; and rail signalling and communications. Additionally, it may involve technicians in Electrical Equipment in Hazardous Areas (EEHA) maintenance and repair, or battery, solar, wind and other sustainable and renewable energy technologies installation and servicing. 



Project Start
March 2024
Initial Scoping
April 2024
Development of
May – September 2024
Training Product
September 2024 –
October 2024
Drafts available for
broad consultation
November 2024
Validation of final drafts
January – February
Submission to assurance
body for review
March 2025
Submission to Skills
Ministers for endorsement
March - April 2025

Project Team

Steve Hall

Steve Hall
General Manager
of Activity Projects

Opportunities for Stakeholder input

Stakeholder input is welcome throughout this project, please feel free to register your interest in project updates and consultation opportunities by following the link above. Alternatively, please feel free to contact Steve Hall, General Manager of Projects –

Application Form

SME Application
  • A Technical Committee of subject matter experts and a stakeholder map has been completed and will be published shortly.
  • Meetings will be held across June and July with both the Technical Committee and the stakeholder group.
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Coming Soon.

Powering Skills Organisation provides an overview of the training products being developed as part of its activity projects called the PSO Annual Training Product Development Plan. The plan shows the progression and completion of all projects the organisation is looking into.

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