Consolidation of Competency Development Units

Competency Development is core to achieving a qualification under the apprentice pathway. Providing a framework for the learner to track their progress over the years of their apprenticeship means apprentices get the right support and adequate work experience. Knowing you are on track is a clear driver of success. Getting the Energy Sector pathways right starts with fit for purpose units. This project looks at Monitoring the energy sector progression.

Project Plan






Powering Skills Organisation will be performing a comprehensive review of the competency development plan units, including identification of units with either inconsistent language or commonality to a high degree with other competency development units.  This project is an opportunity to reduce the number of units of competency designed to utilise a competency development plan from 15 to between five and eight.

There are currently fifteen units of competency with a title including “participate in” or “follow a competency development plan”. Twelve of these units vary little in their Elements and Performance Criteria, or in the Performance Evidence or Knowledge Evidence required to demonstrate competence in these units.

A preliminary review of these units has shown that even units with similar industry sector application differ in the elements and performance capabilities, as well as the performance and knowledge evidence required to demonstrate competency in that unit. By ensuring that all units use similar language in the elements, performance capabilities, performance and knowledge evidence, rationalisation of these units is made possible. 

The objective is the simplification of these packages for the energy sector by delivering fit for purpose units of competency focussing on the competency development. The rationalisation of these units will deliver an immediate cost reduction in maintenance expense of these units for government and stakeholders such as TAFE and RTOs

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Relevant Occupations

Technicians in traditional and evolving technological fields of electrical; electronics; communications including telecommunications and data communications network cabling; computer systems; information technology (IT); business equipment services; gaming machines; instrumentation and control; lifts; refrigeration and air conditioning; renewable and sustainable energy; fire and security; appliances and accessories; and rail signalling and communications. Additionally, it may involve technicians in Electrical Equipment in Hazardous Areas (EEHA) maintenance and repair, or battery, solar, wind and other sustainable and renewable energy technologies installation and servicing.



Public Notification intent to review

May 2024

Review current training products and develop project brief

Present project brief to Technical Committee for review

June 2024

Incorporation of feedback into project scope

July 2024

Project scope and draft products published for feedback.

August 2024

Incorporation of feedback and re-publish.

SRO Checks

September 2024

Finalisation and Submission preparation

October 2024

Endorsement and publication on

November 2024

Project Team

Steve Hall

Steve Hall
General Manager
of Activity Projects

Subject Matter Experts

Subject Matter Experts (SME) will be drawn on throughout this project to help review and draft the revised units of competency.  If you are interested in applying to be a subject matter expert and can volunteer your time to this project, please email details of your expertise to Or submit your application.
Submit Your Application

Opportunities for Stakeholder input

Stakeholder input is welcome throughout this project, please feel free to register your interest in project updates and consultation opportunities by following the link above. Alternatively, please feel free to contact Steve Hall, General Manager of Projects –

Application Form

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Powering Skills Organisation provides an overview of the training products being developed as part of its activity projects called the PSO Annual Training Product Development Plan. The plan shows the progression and completion of all projects the organisation is looking into.

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